Q1/2 Update: Overview

Below are key learning and development points noted through the reporting process for Q1/2 –

Deliverables – Good progress has been made under each of the 4 Fair Work Framework objectives. It is worth noting, even at this stage, that excellent progress has been made in terms of embedding and reinforcing practices and policies for lasting change. This includes CPD accreditation, the development of training toolkits and resource banks and the sharing of equality baseline information.

Reach – Over 80 businesses, organisations and networks are engaged at different levels. Projects have initiated direct communication through senior management teams, champion networks and, via all-staff messages. The projects stretch from Dumfries to the Highlands and Islands with several having a Scotland wide focus potentially reaching most of the 32 Local Authority areas. 

Added Value – The use of specialist business networks, approaches to baseline collection / analysis and the identification of key motivating factors for both employers and employees in relation to equality training are all adding value. Several projects have established SharePoint or Team platforms to develop content, share training materials, and organise training sessions.

Challenges and Issues – The ‘cost of living’ crisis, rise in energy costs and the growth of inflation have not adversely affected development. The relatively tight implementation timeline, over the traditional holiday period, was met through increased output, compacted timescales and the
redoubling of efforts to secure employer/employee buy-in. While all projects face challenges in engaging staff in potentially difficult conversations several are involved in sensitive areas which can be very difficult to raise within close friendships never mind within a work setting. In these cases, sensitivities have been acknowledged and ‘bridges’ developed to facilitate discussion.

Budget – The projects are on or close to their planned spend when committed monies are factored in. Significant in-kind resources have been sourced in the form of pro bono support and, in one instance, direct financial contributions. It is too early to assess VFM however the signs are
encouraging with the possibility of already ambitious reach targets being exceeded.

Summary –

• As the projects settle greater opportunities will arise to share learning, increase awareness and consolidate change.

• It is notable that all 13 projects have shown a strong commitment to sharing knowledge and skills with colleagues, stakeholders, wider partners and across their sectors.

• There is clear potential for an exponential growth in shared learning across businesses,
networks and sectors.

Individual Project Updates

Social care charity Cornerstone’s Menopause Awareness Project, in partnership with The People Portfolio

Age Inclusion for People Managers and Key Influencers, by Age Scotland in partnership with the University of Edinburgh Business School

Leadership Programme for BAME Employees, by PATH Scotland in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Perth Autism Support’s Supporting Autistic Individuals to Secure and Retain Employment project, in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council

Refugees in Social Care Careers by the Scottish Refugee Council, in partnership with Fair Deal

JRS Knowhow’s Learning with the Legal Sector project, in partnership with the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre

Diversity Works, by Adopt an Intern in partnership with Aegon Asset Management

Voices for Change: Disability & Women, by NHS Dumfries and Galloway in partnership with Sleeping Giant and DG Voice

DIveIn Programme, by Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (BE-ST), formerly the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, in partnership with Radiant and Brighter and Balfour Beatty

Neuroinclusion at Work, by Salvesen Mindroom Centre in partnership with Burness Paull LLP

Inclusive Heritage Partnership Project, by the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland

Accessibility for All by Connect Three Solutions, in partnership with the Passion4Social CIC agency

Young Women Code, by YWCA Scotland in partnership with digital skills agency CodeClan