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Investing in Equality: Cultivating Fairness and Inclusivity across Scotland’s Workplaces

Please note – Applications for this iteration of the Workplace Equality Fund are now closed. As soon as we receive further information from the Scottish Government, we will provide an update.

For more information on successfully funded projects for 2022-23 please CLICK HERE

In partnership with the Scottish Government, Advice Direct Scotland are delighted to be administering the delivery of the latest iteration of the Workplace Equality Fund – a source of financial support for Scottish businesses and organisations striving to improve equality-related outcomes for priority groups within the workplace.  

By supporting employers to address and resolve longstanding barriers facing under-represented groups within the labour market, the fund endeavours to promote and embed principles of inclusivity and fairness within Scotland’s workplaces. 

For the latest updates on the progress of funded projects, download the PDF by clicking the button below. 

About the Fund

The central goal of the fund is to incentivise and support collaborative projects that aspire to reduce employment inequalities and cultivate positive, fair, and inclusive workplace practices.

To this end, we are seeking to distribute £800,000 per annum to eligible partnership projects which focus on supporting one or more of the following priority groups: 

Fund Objectives

Our intended outcomes for funded projects include the following: 

Improving employment opportunities and progression policies within Scottish workplaces; particularly for the identified priority groups.

Improved knowledge, skills, and practices with respect to addressing employment inequalities; thereby engendering significant improvement for priority groups.

Creation and maintenance of an inclusive working environment through employees and employers working in partnership.

Facilitation of projects which are firmly embedded into workplace practices and policies to ensure lasting, meaningful change.

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